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Aug > Dec 2013
103 days
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103 Tage
24 Aug-3 DEC-2013
Preis € xxxxx,-*
Sozius € xxxxx,-*
*unter vorbeha


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Far away on the other side of the big pond (for us Europeans anyway) lies the land of lakes and bears. Follow the path to the south and Indians and Cowboys will guide you untill you get to the point where trumpets and guitars will take over and greet you with Latin music.

This could well be the writing in a travelguide of the 18th century, describing the route from Canada, the USA to Mexico, the first 3 countries we will travel through on our way from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. It will be a journey of constant changes, of landscapes, cultures, climates...

Route impression


This website will contain more info's as the preparations progress and finally host the diary.

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MC-Caravan 2008 to Vladivostok (Dutch)






Tour Formula
The tour will be organised and guided by Ride-on MotorTours in their typical way, with routes and goals well spoken through, addresses of accommodation described in a roadbook and maps prepared.
Because of this all will keep their freedom to travel the way it feels good, so that everyone can make this into his/her own super tour. We will not be obliged to operate as one group for 24 hours a day (will only do that when that feels good) and it will be more likely that we will all survive the 87 days of travelling together.

Of course all this is discussed during the pre-meets and while on the road.


How much and what's included:
The price is € xxxxx,-* per rider
/ € xxxxx,- for passengers

All accommodation incl. breakfast (few exeptions)
MC-transport Netherlands-Canada
MC-transport Panama-Ecuador
MC-transport Argentina-Netherlands
Flight Netherlands-Canada
Flight Panama-Ecuador
Flight Argentina-Netherlands
Transfers from/to airports (excl. Netherlands)
Motorcycle guide
Roadbook and maps

Surcharge for single room: € xxxx,-

Ride-part of it; Teilstrecke möglich:
Alaska>Panama von 29 Aug bis 13 Okt 2013 (wegen Flugzeiten kann das 1-2 Tag(e) langer sein)
Preis: Fahrer € xxxx,-* and Sozius € xxxx,-

South America - Ecuador>Tierra del Fuego von
13 Okt bis 29 Nov 2013
(wegen Flugzeiten kann das 1-2 Tag(e) langer sein)
Preis: Fahrer € xxxx,-* and Sozius € xxxx,-

*) Based on riders with a motorcycle which is in size and weight comparable with a Yamaha TDM900. For bigger/heavier bikes a surcharge may apply for the shipping of the bike. The tour price may change.

Not included:

Insurance(s) motorcycle

Travel Insurance (breakdown/medical/luggage/etc)
Cancellation insurance (compulsary)
Costs at borders
Airport tax
Personal expenses
Possible fuelsurcharges

Minimum amount of participants:
8 riders

Wir sprechen Deutsch
Aber ohne Fehler zu schreiben ist eine andere Sache. Also haben wir alles hier auf English hingestellt.


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