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Road of Bones
ab Magadan 2026?

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75 Tage
5.AUG-19.OKT 2026
Preis € NNB,-

Read here about Rob en Dafne's Journey along the BAM-Road
Trans Siberia
They are all magic names, making every adventurous heart race: The Transsiberian Route, the Baikalsk Amurskaya Magistral also called BAM-Route, The Highway of Hell and finally also the Kolyma Highway which carries the nickname Road of Bones.
Together they connect Moscow with the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean.

Especially the BAM-Route and the Road of Bones run through a barren, raw wilderness. To ride them is a real challenge needing special skills
and strong nerves. Not everyone will be fit for the job.

We did this expedition in 2019 and are going again...
Quastion is: Do you dare to join?

Route vorausblick


This website will contain more info's as the preparations progress and finally host the diary.

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Wir sprechen Deutsch
Aber ohne Fehler zu schreiben ist eine andere Sache. Also haben wir alles hier auf English hingestellt

BAM-Route Expedition
This journey is an expedition. The BAM-Road is not passable with motorcycles which are too big and heavy
as some passages to get access to and to pass railway bridges are too narrow. Many bridges are in real bad shape and hard to cross. So to ride the BAM-Road can only be done with smaller/lighter motorcycles. On the BAM-Road all those who join will mostly ride in one group. The group will be joined by a 4x4 backup car carrying camping gear as it will be necessary to camp a few times along this route.

You like to join (also with bigger/heavier bikes) but only ride the Road of Bones?
It is possible to join and only ride the Road of Bones. From Tynda there is the option to (individually) ride a different route along the south side of Lake Baikal (see the map), passing two cities Ulan Ude and Chita as well as Skoverodino towards Irkutsk, where you will meet the BAM-riders again some 10 days later. This route is surfaced and maintained and very well passable on any type of motorcycle.

Like to go but lack the time?
If this what you are dreaming of but you do not have enough time... It is possible to transport your motorcycle to Magadan and fly in yourself making it possible to travel from Magadan to Irkutsk in app. 30 days.
The extra cost for shipping your motorcycle back from Irkutsk depends on how many motorcycles will be shipped. The more there will be, the lower the cost.




How much and what's included:
The price is € NNB,-* per rider

The tour cannot be done with a passenger

MC-transport to Magadan
Flight to Magadan
Transfers to port & airport in Magadan
Visa for Russia, Mongolia, Iran
Visa invitations
All accommodation incl. breakfast
Welcoming and farewell dinner
10 x Dinner
Tent + sleeping mats rental
Motorcycle guide
4x4 Back-up car
Roadbook and maps
Special tour shirt

Surcharge for single room: € NNB,-

Not included:

All on-line visa
Insurance(s) motorcycle
Travel Insurance
Cancellation insurance (compulsary)
Meals (if not listed)
Possible costs at borders
Possible Airport taxes
Personal expenses
Possible fuelsurcharges

Minimum amount
of participants: 8 riders

This list may be adjusted























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